Who is halfBohemian Edge?


Zelly is halfbohemian Edge!

My Mother was 1st generation Bohemian born in the USA. Bohemia was a region in Czechoslovakia, which is the now Czech Republic. So I am half Bohemian by blood and since Bohemian is the description of Artists, I have to work to make a living and half of my life is my creative side. My birthday~August 3

I have been the mother to 3 children~



(will be forever 36)

(My eldest daughter)

02-13-1970 ~ 06-15-2006






(will be forever 21)

09-15-1977 ~ 06-18-1999



Austen (28)

(My only son and youngest child)

I have 4 granddaughters




~Growing into a beautiful young woman~

Caleigh is now the mother to two sons--Hunter and Jaxson.

(Samantha's eldest daughter)




~I miss you so much!~

(Chenoa's only child)


Please Kiara, dear, always know how very much your

Mommie's (Chenoa) family loves you!




(Samantha's middle daughter)

~this little girl has grown to be a wonderful giving little girl. I never thought she would, she was soooo hard to get to know!





(will be forever 4)

02-05-2002 ~ 06-15-2006

(Samantha's youngest daughter)

~a magical child full of laughter and joy! What a sense of humor this baby had! She had facial expressions and language that made me laugh out loud....